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Check Out My Guest Post!

Hello all! I just wanted to quickly invite you all to check out my new guest post, Figuring Out the Body-Mind Connection, over on Every Person Is A Philosopher, the Neighborhood Writing Alliance's blog. They are a truly wonderful org that I have the pleasure of volunteering with every once in a while. Anyway, please head on over there, read the post, and leave some lovely comments if you feel so moved!
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Chronic Overshare

Every two weeks I take my Humira shot. No big deal. But, a couple days afterward the most wonderful thing happens.

I poo. I mean, I take a dump. It's awesome.

The thing is, I crap constantly. All the freaking time. Just not like this. This is one of those rare, deeply satisfying, glorious dumps. And I get to look forward to it every two weeks. It's a major source of joy in my life.

And what's my immediate reaction every two weeks? What is the first thing I want to do as I saunter triumphantly from the bathroom? I want to tell people. I actively seek out someone to inform of the magnificent crap I just took. I'm genuinely disappointed if no one's around. My poor roommates.

The issue with "mind over matter"

I think about this pretty constantly. Is "mind over matter" really a thing? Is it really possible to outsmart your body? If so, is this a useful tool? Or is it a harmful lie? Is it just kind of a white lie? Also, (and this is what the whole thing really boils down to for me) is the mind actually separate from the body? Are we our bodies or are we our minds? Do the two have to be mutually exclusive? Or are the mind and the body actually one and the same?

My opinion on this subject has changed drastically and regularly over the years. Early on, right after my diagnosis, I was firmly ensconced in the pro-mind-over-matter camp. Without ever thinking about an alternative, ironically. Actually, this started long before I was diagnosed. For at least a year leading up to my official diagnosis, I experienced intense health issues and paid very little real attention to them. I just kept on going as best I could, thinking these symptoms would go away eventually. This, obviously, did no…

HAWMC Day 30! Last One.

Check out this super fancy word cloud for my last post of the month.

It pretty much speaks for itself, I think. Although, I do think it's interesting that Crohn's is so tiny (it's up at the top). I essentially just plugged in my blog's URL and and let it come up with whatever. I'm wondering if this means I need to actually say Crohn's more often. It is in really big letters at the top of my page, though. So... who knows?

Also, I clearly say "like" way too often. Good to know.

HAWMC Day 28: I Noticed Something...

So, I noticed something today. I was in the grocery store stocking up on end-of-semester snack foods with my brother and I glanced at my hands. Specifically, the palms of my hands. Do you know what I found? Color. My palms were pink.

This may not make sense to some of you. Let me explain.

Because of Crohn's, I've been severely anemic for the last several years. One way to tell (without a blood test) if you're anemic is if your palms are pink. I learned this when I went to my current doctor for the first time and he asked to look at my (super pale) palms. He then told me, with impressive accuracy, what my hemoglobin count was.

I've been feeling really great recently. Not perfect, of course. There are still rough days, but the good far outnumbers the bad. It's been nearly two years since that doctors visit, and my hands being pink again just seems like such a tangible demonstration of the progress that's taken place in that time.

Pretty cool.

HAWMC Day 27: Challenges and Victories

Today, I'm supposed to list five challenges and five victories having to do either with my health or my activism. Let's just dive right in.


1) ...  ...  ...

Okay, I'm having a little trouble here. While I understand the value of identifying five challenges and five victories, I'm not sure I can. No, that's not true. I absolutely can. I just think that anything I say will be kind of arbitrary.

HAWMC Day 26: Crohn's Chronicles Timeline

A tagline, huh?

Well, I really enjoy the one I have up now: Because Sh*! Happens.

It might be overused, but I like it. I think it sets pretty much the exact mood I look for in my blog. It's just a little profane. It's honest. It's funny.

I was going to try and come up with another one, but I'm deciding as I'm writing this that I'm sticking with it. So there.