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HAWMC Day 14: My Dream Day

I think I've exposed more of my nerd credentials in the past week than I have in the entire time I've had this blog. I think you're about to get a real grasp on exactly how nerdy I am, though. Get ready.

If I got to construct my dream day, I would be in Florence for a conference on disability in dance. Why in Florence? Because it's my favorite place in the world. Does it make sense? Not really, but dreams don't have to make sense. Just go with it.

Anyway, I wake up early in a super comfy bed in a beautiful hotel room in Florence. I take a hot shower and get dressed in my favorite outfit, then head down to a little cafe and sit in a piazza as I sip espresso (because Myrtle's feeling well enough to handle the caffeine) and eat a croissant.

After I finish my breakfast, I head to the conference. I have to get there early, you see, because I'm on the main panel. The conference starts, and I, along with other leading scholars, have a brilliant panel. Seriously. This one's going down in the books. The conference breaks up for smaller workshops. I pick one that seems particularly interesting and get to go learn from incredible people doing fascinating work. That's how the rest of the day goes until lunch, when I go grab a bite with a few of the other speakers and we talk about the amazing conversations we've had throughout the morning.

After lunch, we go back to conferencing. Later that day, I get to perform one of my own pieces for the entire conference. My family and a few friends get to be there for this part, so I sit with them to watch the rest of the concert. (Yeah. I realize that my family and friends just showing up all the sudden is pretty implausible. Keep going with it.)

After the concert wraps up, I take my family and friends out for a delicious italian dinner at some little hole in the wall restaurant. We drink wine and everyone tries everyone else's food, not wanting to miss out on any of the amazing flavors on the table. We walk around the corner to a gelateria for dessert and head to the nearest piazza where we sit around the fountain and eat our gelato. Before heading back to the hotel, we take a walk along the river and just enjoy the view and each other's company.


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